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I started using Brave New Web’s services because I was overwhelmed by the breadth of social media outlets. Margy is thoroughly familiar with the world of social media opportunities, and has a font of information at her fingertips.

Margy’s a careful listener and a deep researcher, who makes it a point to understand her clients’ needs. She is what a consultant is supposed to be—someone who uses her expertise to take the burden off the client’s shoulders.

Lynette Benton,, Boston Writing Careers, Tools & Tactics for Creative Writers

Lynette Benton

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I could never have developed such a professional looking website (and with such ease) without Margy’s excellent Weebly class. Margy made the daunting task of building a website from the ground up into a wholly manageable, even fun exercise! She carefully breaks down each component with precision and patience, such that all levels of experience will find her classes completely accessible. What’s more, as a business community founder Margy is clearly devoted to the personal success of her fellow small-business owners. I am continually blown away by just how genuinely she wants others to succeed and by the concrete steps she takes to make that happen. We are so fortunate to have Margy in our community!

 Ava Vatsky, personal chef in Arlington + metro Boston.

Ava Vatsky